At HighPoint the focus of our service is on the business aspects of security and not security per se. After presenting to you a realistic appraisal of your organization’s current security posture, our consultants will provide suggestions and recommendations to enhance your  ability to counteract and / or mitigate events and incidents which could threaten your organization’s security, safety and stability.

Enhancing your organization’s state of readiness by recommending measures that are not only effective but cost effective is the goal of our service. To accomplish this, our consultants are prepared to take the lead in the area of purchasing and procurement to insure that your organization receives the highest value on capital and operational expenditures.

Security Assessment:

Our service commences with a thorough assessment of your security posture and your overall state of readiness. During this phase of our service, HighPoint consultants will evaluate your access control system, CCTV, security guard operations and training, and your current policies and procedures. Recommendations for enhancement in these areas will be offered to you and will be based on the best security practices for your industry.


HighPoint consultants are prepared to manage the procurement of security related equipment and services by accomplishing the following tasks in collaboration with designated representatives of your organization:

  • Preparation of Requests for Proposals (RFP)
  • Identification of quality service, equipment and system providers
  • Management of the bid process
  • Contract negotiations with successful bidders
  • Management of start-up operations and / or equipment installation
  • Periodic follow-on monitoring of newly installed services and systems

Statistical Analysis:

HighPoint consultants are prepared to install a web-based state of the art program designed to capture and record security-related events and services, such as patient watches and escorts, which will provide a detailed historical record of what occurred and when it occurred ie., month,date, and time.  The amount of time spent with each event will be readily available to you, so that decisions regarding security staffing levels, security officer deployments and specific post requirements may be then based on actual operational data. Additionally, an integrative and interactive Serious Incident Reporting program will be offered to you for use by your security staff. You will find that by implementing this program incident reports will be more timely, accurate and comprehensive; and you will find that information regarding the incident is integrated into the statistical reporting system mentioned above.


HighPoint consultants have actively participated in scores of inspections and surveys conducted by Joint Commission, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Department of Health, and they stand ready to assist you and / or represent you during surveys. Additionally, HighPoint consultants have conducted countless investigations of security related incidents and have represented clients during the process of Root Cause Analysis.


Utilizing certified trainers, HighPoint is prepared to offer training to security officers and to others on your staff in the areas of Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) and Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) which are highly effective in controlling aggressive and combative behavior.